Clippers News · Letter to Coach Szalay

Dear Coach John Szalay,

We would like to begin by thanking you for your undying loyalty and commitment to Clearview.  Your dedication to our family has been a story for the ages.  While your career as Clearview Varsity Boys Head Basketball Coach started in the 1990-91 season, your legacy began way before that.  Growing up in the Clearview District, playing on legendary teams in the 70’s, helping Clearview to a Basketball State Championship in 1974, and graduating from Clearview were just the beginning stages.  

As you came back to begin your lifelong love of teaching and coaching, you quickly began impacting lives and developing meaningful relationships.  Your passion and drive have been apparent whether you have been in the classroom, on the football field, or in the gym.  Your success has shown through in so many ways.  In the Frank and Ann Szalay Gymnasium, we were able to enjoy so many seasons filled with 14 league titles, 8 sectional titles, 3 district titles, and 401 wins under your leadership.  We know you would give credit elsewhere, because you taught us to be humble, but we know what a large part you played in these accomplishments.  The respect and outpour of appreciation has come from former students, players, parents, fans, officials, media, opposing coaches and administrators just to name a few.  We thank you for always representing us with such class.

As student athletes, we want to thank you for pushing us to be our best, to believe in ourselves and each other, and to do things the right way.  We appreciate the tough love and discipline you showed us and then putting your arm around us afterwards to let us know that you trusted and believed in us.  Thank you for always listening to us and making us feel like the most important person in the room.  Thank you for treating us as family, from supporting us and having our backs, to the heartfelt hugs on senior night, to sharing the famous Mrs. Szalay brownies.  Thank you for always teaching us Clearview Pride and that we are as good as anyone.  Thank you for instilling in us that the blue and gold blood that runs through our veins would keep our family strong and help us work through any adversity.

In closing, thank you does not seem to be enough for all that you have done and everything you have meant to us.  While we will always call you Coach, know that you have always been so much more.  We will forever be grateful to you for the countless hours, the unselfish sacrifice, and the heartfelt dedication you have given to Clearview.


With sincerity, love and gratitude,

The Clearview Family