Boys Varsity Football · 2017 Football All-County Awards

The 2017 All-Lorain County football awards were announced this week and Clearview won ten individual awards and two most valuable player awards in the Division IV-VII category.

On the offensive side, Clearview received four all-county honors. Drew Engle was honored for running backs, Kash Warren was honored for wide receivers and JD McCardle and Julian Colbert were honored for the offensive line.

On the defensive side, Clearview received five all-county honors.  Collin Manning was honored for his defensive line play, David Rentfle and Kahliel Fenderson were both honored for their play at linebacker and Jaylen Paschel and Jordan Reed were honored for their play at defensive back.  Collin Manning was named the county’s most valuable defensive lineman and Jordan Reed was named the county’s most valuable defensive back.

Anthony Terry received honors for his punting.

Also, Clearview head coach Mike Collier won the Tom Hoch Coach of the Year award for Divisions IV-VII for leading the Clippers to a 9-2 record.

Congratulations to all of our award winners.

The complete list of all-county football award winners is listed below:


  • Seth Hurd, Jr. – Vermilion
  • Devan Yarber, Sr. – Oberlin
  • Michael Bansek, Sr. – Firelands

Running Backs

  • Drew Engle, Jr. – Clearview
  • Brandon Coleman, Jr. – Columbia
  • Caine Zannoni, Sr. – Vermilion
  • Logan Strader, Sr. – Firelands
  • Luke Peterson, Sr. – Firelands
  • Nick Denney, Sr. – Firelands
  • Ravon Eison, Jr. – Oberlin

Wide Receivers

  • Kash Warren, Sr. – Clearview
  • Jonah Pfeil, Jr. – Vermilion
  • Luke Pena, Jr. – Vermilion
  • Justin Able, Sr. – Keystone
  • Richard Maggard, Sr. – Firelands

Tight Ends

  • Cole Schwartz, Jr. – Columbia
  • Blake Ruffner, Jr. – Firelands

Offensive Linemen

  • JD McCardle, Sr. – Clearview
  • Julian Colbert, Jr. – Clearview
  • Nick Milluzzi, Jr. – Columbia
  • Logan Woe, Jr. – Columbia
  • Tim Borgmann, Jr. – Brookside
  • Matthew Rasmussen, Sr. – Oberlin
  • Calvin Stull, Sr. – Firelands
  • Jared Fiddler, Sr. – Oberlin


  • Owen Rozanc, Sr. – Brookside

Defensive Linemen

  • Collin Manning, Sr. – Clearview
  • Matt Caraballo, Sr. – Columbia
  • Tyler Bath, Sr. – Vermilion
  • David McCullough, Sr. – Keystone
  • Marquis Walker, Sr. – Oberlin
  • Landon Peterson, Sr. – Firelands
  • Sean Lipscomb, Sr. – Firelands


  • David Rentfle, Jr. – Clearview
  • Kahliel Fenderson, Sr. – Clearview
  • Danny Snakovsky, Jr. – Columbia
  • Trevor Boyd, Sr. – Vermilion
  • Kayden Williams, Jr. – Keystone
  • Luke Peterson, Sr. – Firelands

Defensive Backs

  • Jaylen Paschel, Jr. – Clearview
  • Jordan Reed, So. – Clearview
  • Bailey Coleman, Jr. – Columbia
  • Jack Corraini, Jr. – Keystone
  • David Chambers, Sr. – Brookside
  • Aaron Arnold, Jr. – Oberlin


  • Anthony Terry, Sr. – Clearview

Most Valuable Offensive Back

  • Devan Yarber, Oberlin

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman

  • Calvin Stull, Firelands

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman

  • Collin Manning, Clearview

Most Valuable Defensive Back

  • Jordan Reed, Clearview

Tom Hoch Coach of the Year

  • Mike Collier, Clearview