Clippers News · Clearview Cross Country

Who should run?  Any 7th-12th grade Clearview student, who enjoys running whether it is to compete, to stay in shape, to potentially earn a Varsity letter (HS only), to challenge their boundaries and explore their potential, or just to be a part of a really cool group of people.

How do you sign up?  Show up to the First Practice – Tuesday August 1st from 10am-11am.

Where do we meet?  We will meet at the Softball bleachers in front of Durling Middle School.

What should I bring?  Bring running shoes, a water bottle, OHSAA Physical and Emergency Medical Forms, along with a positive attitude.

What If I cannot make the first practice?  Tues (8/1) – Fri (8/4) practices will be held at Clearview (meet at softball bleachers) from 10-11am. The location and time is likely to change for the weeks to follow. That information will be posted on the Clearview website.